For 20+ years I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a hugely diverse array of organisations and sectors, and the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading business resource efficiency and sustainability pioneers.  I have had involvement in improvement projects for more than 500 organisations.  Delivering business benefits well beyond resource efficiency cost saving………

A specific Masters in Water Resource Management dictated much of my experience has been weighted towards industrial and commercial sites with high water use. It has also included work for national best practice initiatives; eg.:

  • 40+ industrial / commercial water efficiency audits for DTI “Big Splash” initiative (2006-2010)
  • 100+ process efficiency audits for DEFRA “Envirowise” initiative focussing on raw material/waste and water reduction and productivity options (2001-2011)

Image result for under construction small iconI have gained a large proportion of experience across all the most economically important sectors in Scotland – these tend to be high water users and / or potentially significant polluters.

Significant client companies for whom I have undertaken water-related projects would include: Allied Distillers, Christian Salvesen, DEFRA Envirowise Programme, DTI BMB and BioWise Programme, Diageo, Freescale Semiconductors, Geest, International Paper, Polimeri Europa, Hilton International, Johnson & Johnson, Michelin, Mitsubishi Electric, NHS, Weir Group.

Across all sectors, experience has ranged from one-off efficiency audits to planning and implementation of full ongoing efficiency programmes.  In terms of water and effluent technology, experience has ranged from numerous sampling and monitoring projects and one-off technology troubleshooting exercises, to full technology evaluation, procurement and implementation.  In addition, water-related risk management work has been undertaken for some major businesses for business continuity / contingency planning purposes.