I understand your legal compliance issues, processes, everyday pressures and your barriers to resource efficiency / sustainability progress.  I combine technical expertise with the insight gained from extensive cross-sector experience.  All services are delivered with a clear understanding that you don’t pay me to find problems – you pay me to deliver solutions!

My goal is always to identify the optimum solution / combination to deliver the greatest performance improvement and/or environmental protection into the future* – I have no technology to sell – to deliver the optimum business benefit to you, the client!


To ensure maximum client added value, all water-related heating, cooling, pumping, treating, raw material / by-product loss + potential recovery opportunities, and future availability / business continuity challenges, are integrated into all project considerations as standard.

Process Water Efficiency + Integrated Water Management (IWM)

Metering, Monitoring and Targeting (MM&T)
  • Water quality sampling + analysis – one-off, continuous, process, field, etc. samples for physical, chemical + biological parameters (at UKAS-accredited labs)
  • Water metering / measurement – temporary or permanent pipe and channel flow, rainfall / run-off
  • Water-associated energy consumption and carbon emissions, raw material / product losses, etc.
  • Development of representative / effective KPIs and science-based improvement targets
Water Efficiency + IWM Audit  (Opportunity Identification)   
  • Development of current water mass balance + optimum balance using the IWM approach
  • Overlay of water-related energy costs, potential by-product options, continuity risks, etc.
  • Identification of management measures and technologies to deliver optimum efficiency and IWM scenarios / combinations
  • Detailed technical and economic viability assessment and Business Case development

System Option Evaluation, Conceptual Design + Tender Support

  • Reduction techniques / technologies – process-integrated measures
  • Reuse and recycling systems / technologies – industrial, agriculture or recharge applications
  • Treatment technology evaluation – physical, chemical, biological, natural process, membrane
  • Combinations and scenarios – production, asset management, catchment

Water Resource Assessment 

  • Water quality management review and programme development
  • Sampling investigations (with associated flow measurement, if required)
  • Other investigative techniques: eg. tracing, mass-balance, catchment contamination sources
  • Laboratory analyses: all parameters at UKAS accredited laboratories
  • Deployment of state-of-the-art data analysis and interpretation tools and techniques
  • Development of recommendations for remedial actions and ongoing management.

Sustainable Water Management Strategies & Water Stewardship

  • Global corporate, catchment and site level
  • Triple bottom line / sustainability analysis
  • Development of sustainable Integrated Water Management (IWM) solutions
  • Strategies accounting for opportunities and risks posed by climate change impacts; eg. water scarcity, business continuity, asset management

Risk Management, Pollution Prevention / Control, Monitoring + Troubleshooting

  • Pollution monitoring, sampling, discharge characterisation / variability in site drainage systems and natural waters
  • Tracing – contamination sources, drainage plans, leak detection, etc.
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (including for COMAH sites)
  • Containment systems and contingency plans


I work with energy and other specialists, and leading-edge design engineers, when required (see Links)


(* clearly, within any financial, legislative, ROI / payback, operational or other constraints, agreed at Project Scoping).