I am driven to collaborate with businesses to implement best and innovative practice due to the multiple benefits this delivers and water’s critical role in minimising climate change and its impacts.  Don’t take my word for it – water is framed in a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals as “……critical for successful climate change mitigation”.  There is still huge potential to deliver high value from smarter water-thinking, especially since energy systems have received the majority of attention as the obvious area for generating solutions.

Often also overlooked as a finite resource, many water management improvement measures (eg. efficiency, integration, circularity) directly deliver both mitigation and adaptation benefits – 20+ years mostly as an external specialist to businesses ensures insight into the challenges and solutions.  With significant time also served as the Environmental Manager at a global multi-national and helping to roll out government Best Practice initiatives, you gain a unique full 360° perspective on current opportunities and risks, and the direction of travel of future successful organisations.

I am dedicated to optimising business water efficiency and management, delivering sustainable water strategies, which also maximise climate change mitigation and adaptation. This is successful because it also maximises commercial benefits, as the Integrated Water Management (IWM) approach resolves and optimises all factors:  cost, water-related energy / carbon emissions, environmental protection, productivity, entrained material / by-product value, asset management, business continuity and other risks to production.

Whether clients are looking for simple one-off water efficiency audits, more detailed technical / economic viability assessments of technology or site system options, or development of full sustainable water management / stewardship strategies, Derek’s complementary scientific, technology, auditing and management qualifications, skills and experience ensure delivery of optimum outcomes and benefits.

Insight into and use of the most innovative techniques and technologies is guaranteed due to Derek’s varied roles and water management experience in almost all industry sectors.  Professional membership connections provide a further inside track to current best practices, techniques and technologies.

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  • Specific Masters degree in Water Resource Management (1993):  All other auditing, environmental management, ISO 14001, resource efficiency, risk management and technical skills being built on this
  • 40+ industrial water efficiency audits for DTI “Big Splash” initiative (2006-2010)
  • 100+ process efficiency audits for DEFRA “Envirowise” initiative focussing on raw material/waste and water reduction and productivity options (2001-2011)
  • Many audits and projects for Scotland’s most economically important process and manufacturing sectors – generally high water users and potentially significant polluters.

Key Training & Certifications

Full Member (MIEMA)    –    Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment

Feb 2001 – Present    

Full Chartered Member (MCIWEM)    –    Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management

Jun 1998 – Present    

Regd. Environmental Auditor

Jul 1994 – Present    

Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv)    –    Society for the Environment

Oct 2004 – Present    

Resource Efficiency Management

Jun 2004    

Title Making The Transition to ISO14001: 2015

May 2015    

Waste Smart (Advanced)    –    Chartered Institute of Waste Management

Sep 2013    

Advanced Marketing     –     Chartered Institute of Marketing

Feb 2011

Title Chartered Scientist (CSci)     –     Science Council

Feb 2005 – 2016